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Renewal of Six Roller Test Stands incl. New Visualization System

Date: 2023 to 2025
Contracting entity: HORIBA
End customer/site of installation: BMW Aschheim

Project description:

  • Planning (hardware construction, software project planning)
  • Control cabinet construction
  • Supply of new subdistribution boards, control cabinets, and human interfaces
  • Assembly and installation

In the course of the new construction of 6 chassis dynamometers, we received the partial order to develop a new human interface and the visualization. The operating concept, which had become outdated, was to be renewed and converted to a modern concept with a promising future. The human interface is used for the central control and visualization of each test stand. In the first step of the project, 7 human interfaces are built, followed by 9 more in the second step, which are built and delivered. The visualization takes place via a server-client system with WinCC Unified V18.

Technologies (excerpt):

  • 16 subdistribution boards/cabinets with S7-1516F/S7-1515F CPU
  • 16 pieces human interfaces with ET200SP
  • WinCC Unified V18
  • TIA V18