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Kocher Geschäftsführung


Founded in 1985 by Elisabeth Kocher, Gerhard Kocher, and Albert Somweber, Kocher GmbH has embarked on a path of continuous growth over the years. It has earned an excellent international reputation and the trust of important industrial companies across the globe. Flexibility, competence, technological innovation, and a first-class aftersales service have made Kocher GmbH a reliable partner for the highest demands in industrial automation technology.

Today, the company works hand in hand with major industry leaders in various business areas of the automotive sector, offering them intelligent solutions of considerable efficiency for controlling production processes.

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core areas

Joint brainstorming
Joint brainstorming
Hardware project planning
Hardware project planning
Konsequentes Qualitätsmanagement

Consistent Quality Management

Small mistakes can have severe consequences. Integrated quality management can prevent many of them. There is no question that our company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. All work processes are defined, documented, and standardized. The TÜV checks our ISO certificate every year. What means permanent optimization for us, ensures constant high quality for you.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Kocher GmbH's Code of Conduct and Ethics sets out the principles, expectations, and general conditions that our employees must observe – irrespective of the legal systems that apply in the countries involved. We also expect our customers and business partners as well as their employees and business partners to comply with these standards.

Code of Conduct on Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE Code)

The Code of Conduct on Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection (HSE Code) is a guiding principle that must be observed in order to prevent occupational accidents and damage to environment and property. Compliance with this code is also expected from our customers and business partners as well as their employees and business partners, and forms the basis for a business relationship.

Code of Conduct on Environmental and Energy Policy

For Kocher Gesellschaft für Industrieautomation und Software mbH and its business partners, environmental and climate protection and the responsible use of energy and resources are important corporate goals and part of our strategy as a sustainable company

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Kocher GmbH sets the highest standards when it comes to business ethics, human rights, working conditions, environmental protection, and sustainability. We expect the same from our suppliers.