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Environmental commitment

Kocher Industrieautomation sets an example for ecological awareness

Protecting the environment and climate is also an important internal aspect, as is the economical use of energy. It is the little things that contribute to the big picture: of course, we separate waste and use biological cleaning agents wherever possible. In the near future, we want to integrate more and more control options for lighting and heating in our offices so as to use resources even more carefully. A charging station is available for the company's own electric cars and those of our visitors.

We value environmental and energy management in addition to operational environmental protection very highly – regular internal audits for further improvement potential are therefore a matter of course.

Naturally, we integrate sustainability
into our daily life

Avoiding waste

For us, it goes without saying that we avoid waste as far as possible and reduce secondary packaging. We replace plastic with renewable, reusable raw materials.

Reducing pollution and noise

We try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible by reducing business travel to an absolute minimum and decreasing the number of on-site visits to customers through our virtual commissioning. We cut delivery distances by preferring direct transport to end customers whenever possible. To motivate our employees to use public transport, we offer them job tickets.

The wide variety of plants in our offices improves the indoor air and reduces noise pollution.

Using energy economically

We try to use as little energy as possible and work with light control systems. Electric devices are automatically switched off after they have been in stand-by mode for a certain time.

Our office building uses heat from the local geothermal plant.

Protecting water and ground

We minimize our water consumption by water-saving flushes, and use biodegradable cleaning agents in all areas. Our infrequently used stationery consists of 100% recycled paper, and our printers run on certified toners that have been tested for harmful substances.

Nature conservation and biodiversity

When it comes to reforesting, you can count on us. With planting campaigns, we give our employees the chance to play an active role in saving the forest and thus reducing our and their carbon footprint.


We only produce unavoidable waste and recycle it properly.


We use lighting control systems and motion detectors and do not use outdoor lighting so as not to contribute to light pollution.

In a campaign with SDW Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald – LV Bayern e.V. Stiftung “Wir helfen dem Wald” [Protective Association German Forest – State Association Bavaria “We help the forest”], we planted 1.000 beech trees

Forests are one of the world's greatest treasures and suffer most from climate change. After the oceans, they have the greatest influence on our climate. In Germany, the forest is the first loser of global warming – but at the same time, it is our biggest chance to do something about the climate crisis. The damaged areas must be reforested so that we can build up a resilient mixed forest. With our planting campaign, we want to help support the forests and inspire our employees and their environment to care for them. (

    We take a variety of measures to reduce our carbon footprint

    We only replace company vehicles after an average period of five to ten years or due to technological innovations.

    We provide employees with new cell phones after three years at the earliest; we give the old ones to specialist companies for recycling.

    We only replace PC monitors after about five years or if more energy-efficient models with lower emissions make sense.

    When buying laptops, we always purchase energy-efficient models.

    We use our furniture for as long as possible.

    We operate the server structure both in-house and externally so that we can switch off unused resources.

    Social commitment

    For us, social commitment has always been a matter of course.

    We support youth sports, as it promotes integration and communication, and also the Münchner Tafel – poverty can happen to anyone. We are also active in helping refugees and collect clothing, small furnishings, and whatever else is needed at our office. We pass the items on to the appropriate places by arrangement. Every year, there is a different focus, depending on the situation. One example is the Trösterbären® for children, which offer comfort during first aid after accidents, hospital trips, etc. We also regularly provide assistance to various animal welfare organizations – not least, our office dogs are former street dogs.

    Contributing to animal welfare

    We made donations to:
    • Die Stiftung Vier Pfoten [Foundation Four Paws]
    • Animal welfare organization Humane Society International Europe
    • Veto-Tierschutz- Europas Stimme für den Tierschutz [VETO – Europe’s vote for animal welfare]

    Making a personal commitment

    Office dogs

    Our office dogs Bobby and Franjo are from a shelter in Croatia.

    Support youth sports


    We purchased the new competition suits for the vaulting group of the Verein Münchner Pferdefreunde e.V. in Dirnismaning.

    Humanitarian aid

    We make regular donations to various organizations:
    • Die Münchner Tafel [Munich Food Bank]
    • Doctors without Borders
    • Voluntary Fire Department
    • Kleine Patienten in Not e.V. [Little Patients in Need]
    • Refugee Aid

    Sustainability Manager

    Our actions are transparent, and we are open to dialog

    Do you have questions regarding our Environmental and Energy Policy?

    You are welcome to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    Josef Brugger
    Sustainability Manager