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Conveyor Technology with Storage for Wishbones and Tie Bar – Logistics New System

Date: 2022 to 2023
Contracting entity: Esypro
End customer/site of installation: BMW Dingolfing W02.10

Project description:

  • Entire electric planning (hardware construction, software project planning)
  • Control cabinet construction
  • Provision of control technology
  • Assembly and installation
  • Virtual commissioning, physical system start-up

A conveyor system was installed to supply the wishbones and tie bars to the axis production assembly line. The components are hooked into workpiece carriers according to type in batch sizes at two feeding points and stored by variety in approx. 60 storage lanes. According to the current sequence, the production control system issues a call-up, whereby the components are retrieved from the storage in sequence. They are conveyed to the assembly stations via an intermediate level by means of a lifter. After removal, the empty workpiece carriers are conveyed back to the feed stations. Data handling is realized via RFID data carriers and barcodes.

Technologies (excerpt):

  • 1 piece S7-1500 with CPU 1518F – PN/ DP
  • 1 piece OC visualization with WinCC TIA on Beckhoff CP3224
  • 7 pieces OP visualization with WinCC TIA on Beckhoff CP3224
  • SEW MOVIFIT technology version
  • Murr MVK I/O modules
  • Siemens ET200SP and ET200Pro I/O modules
  • Automatic barcode reader and hand scanner