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BMW USA – Type Integration Marriage Line

Date: 2022 to 2023
Contracting entity: MBN
End customer/site of installation: BMW Spartanburg

Project description:

  • Planning (hardware and software project planning)
  • Disassembly and installation
  • Software and commissioning
  • Robot programming
  • Disassembly of a system

Due to the discontinuation of a model and the introduction of a new type, the marriage had to be adjusted in the final assembly. As one of the existing systems was no longer needed, it was removed from the control system and uninstalled. In return, a new type was integrated into the remaining systems. This required, among other things, completely new procedures for the robots, screwdrivers, and in the process. Over the course of the years, the existing systems had been incorporated with a wide variety of standards and technologies and had to be individually adapted.

Technologies (excerpt):

  • S7-1500 with CPU 1518F – PN/DP
  • S7-400
  • WinCC Tia with PCs, TPs
  • Various robots