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BMW USA – Battery EMS

Date: 2022 to 2023
Contracting entity: ICT
End customer/site of installation: BMW Spartanburg

Project description:

  • Planning (hardware construction, software project planning)
  • Control cabinet construction
  • Supply of new subdistribution boards, control cabinets, and human interfaces
  • Assembly and installation
  • Software and commissioning
  • Disassembly of old chargers

The final work on the production cars is carried out in an existing finishing line. To ensure that the 12VDC battery does not run down, it is possible to use external chargers to maintain or recharge the capacity. The existing system had to be adapted due to a new vehicle type. In the course of this work, the battery-charging concept was completely revised. A new EMS system was installed above the production line. This made it possible to provide the worker with battery chargers simultaneously with the car. A new control system was installed, which communicates with the carriers via a CAN bus and tracks them to within a few millimeters using a barcode positioning system. The track (approx. 300m) includes several switches and a repair track with maintenance jack. After successful implementation, the old battery technology was dismantled. 

Technologies (excerpt):

  • S7-1500 with CPU 1518F – PN/DP
  • 1 piece OC visualization with WinCC TIA on Beckhoff CP3224
  • 1 piece OP visualization with WinCC TIA on Beckhoff CP3224
  • Vahle technology version
  • SEW drives
  • Siemens ET200SP and ET200Pro I/O modules