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BMW FIZ – Lighting and Blinds Control

Date: ongoing
Contracting entity: BMW
End customer/site of installation: BMW FIZ

Project description:

We are continuously renovating, maintaining, expanding and adjusting the existing lighting and blind control systems. A central control system was implemented to consolidate the building control system in the control center. Various external control systems are supplied with central control commands via the control center and monitored. A visualization enables the central control with switch-on and switch-off commands, which can be adjusted individually per building/floor if required.

Technologies (excerpt):

  • >50 pieces Siemens S7-300 control systems in different designs
  • >300 pieces WAGO I/O Profibus interfaces 750-xxx
  • ~10 pieces Vipa small control systems 200V series
  • 2 pieces Siemens 319F/1516F as central PLC in the control center
  • 1 piece Comfort Panel TP2200 as central visualization
  • ~30 pieces Touch Panels TP177B/A
  • >200 pieces WAGO control systems in different designs
  • KNX control systems
  • WinCC Advanced V17
  • TIA V17
  • WinCC flexible 2008
  • Step 7 V5.5
  • WAGO light management software
  • WAGO main distributor software
  • KNX ETS5