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Hot Working System Retrofit: Shell – WU292/WU293 (Refurbishment)

Date: 2023 to 2024
Contracting entity:  BMW Group
End customer/site of installation:  BMW Dingolfing

Plants such as:

  • WU292/oven (refurbishment)
  • WU292/press (refurbishment)
  • WU293/oven (refurbishment)
  • WU293/press (refurbishment)

Project description:

  • Entire electric planning (hardware construction, software project planning)
  • Control cabinet construction, air conditioning, and SEW inverter adjustment
  • Provision of burner control units
  • Assembly and installation  
  • Car body parts are hardened on two identical systems, WU292 and WU293. For this purpose, the cold-pressed components are heated in a continuous furnace and systematically cooled
  • in a tool in the press. Measures to maintain the substance of the electrical components of the conveyor lines are being carried out at both plants. Cables and components are renewed,
  • parts are brought up to date and recommissioned.

Technologies (excerpt):

  • 8 pieces S7-400 with CPU 416
  • 8 pieces Visualization Zenon 7.60
  • 56 pieces Burner control units
  • 20 pieces Rittal cooling systems Blue e+
  • 60 pieces SEW inverter on MOVI-PLC