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Body Rear End V8: Shell – G26BEV (New Systems)

Date: 2019 to 2022
Contracting entity: BMW Plant Construction
End customer/site of installation:  BMW München

Project description:

  • Entire electric planning (hardware construction, software project planning)
  • Control cabinet construction 
  • Provision of control technology
  • Assembly and installation 
  • Robot programming 
  • Virtual commissioning, physical system start-up

Technologies (excerpt):

  • 14 pieces S7-1500 with CPU 1518F – PN/DP
  • 14 pieces Visualization with WinCC on PC 677
  • 33 pieces Visualization with WinCC on PC 477E
  • 15 pieces Control units with WinCC visualization
  • 130 pieces ABB IRC5 industrial robots