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Consistent quality management

Small errors can have large consequences. Through integrated quality management, many of these can be avoided. Our enterprise is of course certified according to the industrial standard DIN ISO 9001. All operating sequences are defined, documented and standardized. We have our ISO certificate reviewed every year by an expert from the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). What are for us permanent optimization measures are assurances of consistently high quality for you.

Certificate QualityManagementSystem

Certificate_ QualityManagementSystem

Long-term partner in the manufacturing industry

We have been resolving complex automation issues for the manufacturing industry since 1985. Our focus is on the development and integration of control electronics. As many of our clients operate internationally, we have established a subsidiary company in the USA, alongside our sites in Ismaning and Leipzig.

A pool of specialists

At Kocher you have access to expert knowledge from various spheres of competence - from software development to project management through to the construction of switch control cabinets. You will work with specialists for whom it is a pleasure to continually be up to date on the latest technologies. As a certified Siemens Solution Partner, we also belong to a group of globally recognized system integrators for automation technology.

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct of Kocher GmbH states the principles, expectations and prerequisites to be respected, followed and observed by our employees irrespective of the legal systems of other countries as well as the standards to be respected, followed and observed by the company’s customers and business partners and their employees and business partners.

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The Code of Conduct on Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection (HSE Code) is a mandatory guideline that must be observed to prevent work accidents as well as environmental or property damage. We expect our customers and business partners and their employees and business partners to adhere to this code as a prerequisite for a business relationship.

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